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Baystate Musculoskeletal Center P.C. Can Help With:

Car accidents

Car Accidents

 Have you or someone you know been involved in a motor vehicle collision? One of the most common injuries from a car crash is the damaging effect of whiplash. Read More
cold laser

Cold Laser Therapy

Dr. Velez is one of the few certified advanced laserologists in the state. LLLT is a form of photo therapy which involves the application of low power monochromatic and coherent laser handslight to injuries and lesions to stimulate healing. Read More
eb cleanser

EB foot bath detox

EB Ion Detox Foot Bath Therapy- The EB-Pro ion therapy system was designed to help enhance your body's natural detoxification process... Read More

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Clinical studies have shown that Whole Body Vibration - WBV - substantially improves muscle strength, performance and flexibility. Read More

Posture Angel Therapeutic Excercise Machine

The Posture Angel assists the user into assuming proper posture by having translation supports along the z-axis abutting the head, thorax, and abdomen. Read More

Impulse IQ- Computerized Adjustment

The Impulse iQ Adjusting Instrument® has a high-tech sensor that provides information from your body’s response to chiropractic adjustments to a micro-computer inside to give the doctor feedback about your results. Read More

Chiropractic for Athletes

Many athletes benefit from chiropractic because it keeps them in peak condition without the use of drugs. Whether it's during the season or in the off-season,chiropractic care is becoming the competitive advantage that many athletes are now seeking. Read More